Surprise Rodent Control

Here at Quality Plus Pest Control we believe in providing only the best pest control services to the Surprise residents and businesses. Rodents are a big issue for both homes and businesses and our Surprise rodent control techs can eliminate them for you.

Rats and mice are sneaky and can invade your home for quite some time before you realize it. Unfortunately, it’s better to discover them right away to avoid a large family nesting inside your walls, in the attic, and your home in general.

Our customers typically suspect a rodent problem when they hear scratching or chewing during the night whether it’s coming from inside the wall or up in the attic or somewhere else. Discovering mouse droppings is another way to identify a rodent problem.

surprise rodent control
Mice and rats will chew through anything, invading your property quickly.

Our Surprise rodent control experts will inspect the typical areas that rats and mice hide and are found including:

  • Under and behind kitchen appliances
  • In attics and crawlspaces
  • Around dryer vents
  • In or around cabinets
  • Around plumbing

And many other areas. The key to eradicating a rodent problem is to discover just where the rodents are gaining entry into your home. Until you take care of the entry points they will continue to invade your home, even if we eradicate them; they’ll only return if they can get in easily.

Check around your home for small holes where rodents may be entering. Because they can squeeze through very small holes we often overlook problem areas which is where we can also come in. We can help you locate these entry points and suggest ways to fix them so that rodents can’t destroy it again and take over your home.

If you’re having a rat or mouse problem in your home or business, call our Surprise rodent control techs at (602) 904-6128 today!