Surprise Termite Control

surprise termite control
If you see evidence of termites call (602) 904-6128 immediately!

Most people are familiar with termites but not all of them take the time to implement preventative maintenance for pests. If you’re prepared to protect your home or property from the get-go you are less likely to suffer termite damage. However, if you’ve gone years without a termite inspection and haven’t bothered with any prior treatments as a safety measure, you could be facing some costly repairs if termites are in fact present.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to confuse ants for termites so if you’re unsure just give us a call. Our Surprise termite control exterminators can come to your property, inspect the common areas where termites nest and draft a treatment plan. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us; we’re here to help.

Desert Subterranean Termites

Residents in Surprise are at high risk for desert subterranean termites. This type of termite will live in desert plants such as dead cacti but can also be found destroying physical structures as well.

Desert termites differ from typical subterranean termites in that they don’t require as much moisture or decay in order to survive. The prefer dry wood and if you discover a “tube” around your rafters or foundation of your structure, you most likely have termite activity.

Sometimes we receive calls for termite inspections that, luckily, have no current activity rather old tunnels and tubes were left behind. It’s still important to give us a call if this is the case for you. We can inspect the area and come up with the right treatment and eliminate previous evidence while preventing termites to return again at some point.

Give us a call to get a termite inspection or have your property treated for termites. We offer one-time treatments in addition to a variety of regular pest maintenance plans. Call (602) 904-6128 today to learn more about our Surprise termite control.